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Report Section / Re: Mod/Admin aboos
« on: September 01, 2014, 02:54:23 PM »
You were disrespecting staff members, complaining of RDM from other servers, complaining how you got RDMed on our server, in which you did not, and were being repulsively vulgar on the mic. You deserved the gag. I don't tolerate disrespect or vulgar language, I'm sorry.

Accepted Applications / Earl's Mod App.
« on: August 27, 2014, 07:22:43 PM »
In game name: Earl Dibbles
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:8391319
Age: 20
Playtime on the server: 5.6 hours.
Why you be chosen to be a moderator: I was the first mod on the original Empyreus till the day it went down, and I get the job done right and prevent RDMers or rule breakers.
Other comments: I know how to operate all the commands as moderator, too. Not a nub at it :)

General Discussion / Re: Become a member today!
« on: August 22, 2014, 07:04:37 PM »
In game name: Earl Dibbles
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:8391319

Edit: Accepted!

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