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The Sandbox Mod has sadly died. Due to this further development on SeN City is not worth it. With the small audience sandbox now has the ability for a large audience is no longer.

Sadly no one will be able to see the full extent of this mod, but I hope while it lasted everyone loved it! Hopefully sandbox will be revived and if so maybe this will be as well. But until then, sayonara,


Priority - Adding the ability to save vehicles to your account100%Change Buying drugs to $150 and $300 to sell100%Move drugs to a different point on map0%Add Police Officer Kit0%Make fishing more profitable100%Fix snack command - already works forgot how it worked100%Unable to repair some vehicles0%Make custom sign for help0%Add more fun jobs similar to fishing0%Change Time to Eat from just seconds to minutes and seconds100%Possibly add more housing0%Fix curbs going into different businesses0%Make selecting jobs by part of name100%Fix cars spawning after everyone has left the server100%Fix Gas refill code charging large amounts when setting a specific amount100%Add boat, jetski, cessna, and littlebird to buyable list0%Possibly add an airport0%Replace new road texture0%Rename Car Salesman to Vehicle Salesman0%Fix bullets doing damage0%Change Store Owner Salary0%
Attention: Not all features may be live, some of them have not been pushed to the main server

Where are these drug plants hidden? I have heard stuff of one located near the mountains, and one near garden shop. I don't even know the commands so I asked others and they told me to ask you.  :-\

The drugs are located to the left, in the mountains. It is up to you to find them, You are able to walk to it. And, near the houses in the tree line of the forest.. there is the filtering place. Then out in the desert and the other default forest is where you drop it off. The three commands are /drugs pickup /drugs filter /drugs dropoff.

I blew $700 on gas,food,and a atv just to get these drugs. The first one I got and picked up the drugs, second on filtered them, searched the desert and found nothing, went into forest found 2 house, tried to drop off using /drugs dropoff and nothing happened.  >:( :'( :-\ :(

Hey Sgt, Sorry for your troubles but those houses are not the correct places to drop off drugs, there is a location in the desert and in the default forest where you would need to find to do the proper drop off


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