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NEW! Server Trackers!


I just finished piecing together the first design for the server trackers. There are six variations, but only in background. These will serve as 'default templates' if that would be an option. Otherwise, these are just to test what looks good with the design, what works and what doesn't. For now, there is filler text along with what is actually displayed as some of those fields are not functional yet!

There are so far two for each game: ArmA 3, Live For Speed, and Minecraft.

I will be working on more alternate layouts as well!

EDIT: I thought I might as well add the very first design thrown together to test out the tracker just to show progress and improvement  ;D


Horizontal design has been finished!

Absolutely Love them!!! ^ silver, check /wip again, I added a few new things.... still wip


I've been working on a horizontal layout, but the problem is getting them all to fit and remain fairly evenly scaled, in terms of box sizes. I'm adding additional fields that are optional depending on: 1) the game information being displayed and 2) whether or not that information would be available to query in the first place.

I guess we will see when the time comes, eh?

In addition to the current layout and horizontal layout, I have ideas for alternate layouts that could be used either as defaults, also, or as upgrades from default that are available for the picking. Time will tell!

Sorry for double-post, but the horizontal design has been finished!

Mike has already approved this message. :)

^ I approve this message


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