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Server Rules!
« on: August 16, 2014, 04:11:34 PM »
General Rules
1.No ghosting/metagaming
2.No spamming or harassing other players
3.No gore or porn sprays
4.No claiming rooms
5.No camping/delaying when majority of players are dead
6.Prop surfing/Map exploit is KOSable - admins may "aboose" you if you're doing this. We have the right to do that.
7.Prop killing as a spectator will be considered as rdm.
8.No unreadable nicknames.
9.No nicknames that are too similar to others on the server.
10.Admins have final say over everything.
11.No Killing AFKs until overtime, if someone has been AFK, let a staff member know.

1.No RDM
2.False kos leads to you being kosed
3.You can only kill AFK players in overtime

1.No killing traitor buddies

1.Shooting towards players (traitor baiting)
2.Throwing frag, incendiary, or discombobulators(in high places)
3.Not identifying bodies
4.Calling KOS on innocents
5.Planting C4
6.Damaging traitor testers or health stations
7.Having traitor weapons (silenced, knife, harpoon, tear gas, etc)
8.Approaching another player with an explosive prop (explosive barrel, etc)
9.Hiding traitor equipment (C4, decoy, radio)
10.Entering/Leaving a traitor only area (traitor rooms)
11.Door blocking

This server does not have a 3 warning rule. You can't KOS someone for following you. If someone is trapping you, inform the staff that you are stuck and have them teleport you out. Use '@' to message staff.
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