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Server Punishments
« on: August 16, 2014, 04:39:54 PM »
RDM(random deathmatch)
1.Rdming an innocent. -1 slay per person.
2.Rdming a detective or traitor. -2 slays per person.
3.Four to five rdms is considered mass rdm -10 day ban.
4.Rdming and leaving before your slays are served -10 day ban.
5.Obviously in our server just to rdm -permaban.
6.You keep rdming after a 10 day ban -permaban.

1.if you fess up -5-10 day ban.
2.if you deny it, and it's obvious (it always is) -permaban.

1.1st time - Gag/mute for a round + warning.
2.2nd time - Perma-Gag/mute -may be removed after a while.
3.Any more problems will lead to a kick/ban.
* If you keep spamming in admin chat after being muted, you will be banned for 24 hours.

1.1st time - Warning
2.2nd time - Kick
3.3rd time - Ban 24 hours
4.4th time - Ban 5 days

Porn/Gore Sprays
1.1st time - Warn
2.2nd time - Kick
3.3rd time - Ban 5 days

**Administrators are allowed to change a punishment depending on the severity of the situation.
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