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Well i joined the server and started talking to Chompski because i knew him from another server and then he said he thought i was "anoying" and he wasn't going to listne to anthing i was going to say so i said i was going to make a report on him and then i was gagged for "Dissrespect". After a little bit of being gagged i asked again why i was gagged and "Earl Dibbles" said he gagged me for "dissrespect". Then i continued to ask him how i dissrespected anyone and he ungaged me so i sai "exactly, i was gagged for no reason." then some people said "woooow, Bye Voiid" and i was gagged for "Dissrespect" again and i have been gagged for around 3 rounds of asking Can you please ungag me. So i just want to let you know that your staff are pretty much aboosing me and not paying attention to when i get rdmed.

Earl is possibly one of the most well known moderators on the server and he was one of the best moderators on the last server, so if he gagged you he almost certainly had a reason for it. And please post proof of what he did, that would help your case quite a bit if you posted proof or had witnesses

Earl Dibbles:
You were disrespecting staff members, complaining of RDM from other servers, complaining how you got RDMed on our server, in which you did not, and were being repulsively vulgar on the mic. You deserved the gag. I don't tolerate disrespect or vulgar language, I'm sorry.


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