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SeN City Role Play
« on: June 17, 2012, 09:14:36 PM »
The Serenity clan and I have been building a full RolePlaying system for about a month, and we've gotten down to the last things which we got finished yesterday.

I took a little promo vid type thing for the map which would be RolePlayed on

-> once you die, you forget your past, therefore
-> If you die, you cannot go back and kill the one who killed you to get revenge. and same goes for all jobs

We are hoping to release this late today and get everything up and running.

Current Jobs:
-> Pedestrian
-> Store Owner
-> Police Officer
-> Gas Station Attendant
-> Mechanic
-> Restaurant Owner
-> Car Salesman

Each jobs has specific commands and abilities.

Other features of this game include:
-> Vehicles having gasoline
-> getting paid
-> buying houses
-> buying apartments
-> buying vehicles
-> fill up cars
-> repair cars
-> eat food
-> die of starvation
-> arrest/unarrest
-> and more....

Things to know:
If your not at your job location
-> your not going to get paid
-> you cannot run those job commands
-> if you don't eat for a certain amount of time you will start to starve to death

when in jail, disconnecting and reconnecting will not kick you out of jail, you will have to wait the full time to get out

All Kits are killable!
you can ONLY use your fists, using a weapon will have no affect to surrounding objects

-> Mike__MRM
-> Shorty1325(Reflex)
-> DaBigTuna
-> Dragoon2l7
-> MaxNice

Special Thanks to:
-> CrazyIvan1745
-> UberWazuSoldier
-> Blowupyou
-> Bullace

Were using Bullace's Clearing Sunset making things look pretty cool.

Please note that when this is release later today, that this is its first release and problems will happen. I will be there the whole time to fix any glitches. This is its beta_0.1 release. In later versions of the RolePlay code, we will support the buying of air vehicles, but currently we do not.

About 8:30PM CST is when we will be releasing this. The download link will post at these websites

Good Luck!

How to install:
navigate to
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\sandbox\levels\
then open your zip file and drag the sencity folder out into the levels folder
or you can just unzip the folder in there and your done
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Re: SeN City Role Play
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